• Welcome to the Forestville Counseling Office!
    Ms. Brianne Hazelton, Middle/High School Counselor
    Phone (716) 965-2711 ext. 1
    Mrs. Heather Jackson, Middle/High School Secretary Counselor
    Phone (716) 965-2711 ext. 523
    Ms. Christina Bauer, Elementary Counselor       
    Phone (716) 965-6532
    Responsibilities of a School Counselor:
    • Individual counseling for students regarding family, academic, behavioral, and social issues
    • Group Counseling which includes: study skills, goal setting, peer issues, social  skills, anger management and conflict resolution
    • Referrals to outside services for counseling
    • High School Planning and Career Exploration
    • Provide Academic Assistance and Grade Reporting
    Why Students Need School Counselors:
    School counselors provide counseling programs in three domains: academic, career and personal/social. Their services and programs help students resolve emotional, social or behavioral problems and help them develop a clearer focus or sense of direction.