8th Grade Course Descriptions



    English 8 is a continuation of English 7.  An emphasis is placed on preparing students
    for the New York State English Language Arts exam. Focus continues to be on the English Language Arts Learning Standards. Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding, literary response and expression, critical analysis and evaluation, and social interaction. Various forms of fiction will be used as well as nonfiction, drama, poetry, and the short story. Several novels will be covered as a class. The primary focus will be on essay writing.





    Social Studies 8 is a continuation of Social Studies 7 with an emphasis on U.S. History
    in preparation for high school. Topics in this course include how major political, social and economic trends in United States History are tied to parallel trends and time frames in New York State History.






    This course will consist of a blend of Chemistry and Physics with a concentration on
    problem solving.  The course will introduce the student to various chemical and physical concepts, help develop some of the basic skills of the scientist in solving problems, make students more aware of how science has helped to explain situations in his/her surroundings and give knowledge so he/she may better understand present day problems.



    A continuation from 7th grade technology, students will study technology systems and the impact on
    society and the environment.  Students will complete a variety of “design and construct” activities that emphasize problem solving, and reinforce math and science concepts.  


    8th GRADE Middle School Seminar

    This is a course designed to help adolescents live in a society of constant change and to

    prepare them to meet their present and future responsibilities as family members, consumers, home managers and wage earners.





    Within the short introduction phase we draw a picture of health as a multidimensional
    concept.  The relationship between mental, social and physical aspects is developed into a health triangle, with the action of one affecting the others.




    This course is a continuation of Spanish 7.  A local proficiency test is given at the end of
    8th grade.  The student may earn 1 unit of credit toward high school graduation by obtaining a 65 % or higher.





     1/2 unit




    The Junior High Chorus is an elective where 7th and 8th grade students are given the
    opportunity to increase their musical skills and expression through public performance.  Can also be used to fullfill the Middle School Music Requirement.


         Junior High Chorus participation will serve to provide:


    a.      The acquisition, understanding and use of the correct
                     vocal techniques and choral skills.


    b.     An opportunity to prepare solo and small ensemble work when appropriate.


    c.     An appreciation of various vocal and choral styles in singing and literature.


    d.     A means to satisfy individual and group levels of musical expression
                   through various performance opportunities including concerts, competitions, field trips and stage works.


         e.     Concert attendance is mandatory.





     This is an opportunity for students at an appropriate musical level to realize their
    musical talents and affords them the chance to perform before a live audience.  Attendance is required at all performances as well as one instrument class lesson per week. 
    An audition may be required to demonstrate an appropriate musical level.