• Teacher Gradebook Grades and Notes
    Grade shows as "Incomplete"
    As the teachers put their assignments into the system, they may not have a grade for it yet. The system will generate an "Incomplete" for the grade when this happens. It is not to be mistaken for a missed assignment. It just means that it is a future assignment or one that has not yet had the grades entered. In either case, the score is not calculated into the average. If a student does fail to turn in an assignment, particulary a homework assignment, it will be listed as "sdda" (abbreviation meanings listed below) and a score of zero will be calculated into their average. Sometimes the teacher will allow these assignments to be made up.
    Grades Abbreviations
    We have developed a common set of abbreviations for teachers to use in their gradebook. Here are a few of the most common:

    sdda   student didn't do assignment, a score of 0% is assesed.
    ex   excused from assignment - has no effect on grades
    -   assignment not complete/no credit - 0%
    +   assignment complete full credit - 83% or 100% depending on Teacher
    ++   Complete with honors - 100%
    +-   half credit - 65% or 50% depending on Teacher
    dr   dropped score - equivelant to an excused
    inc   incomplete grade/not yet inputted into system - has no effect on grades
    abs   absent during assignment - same as excused
    hsnde   Has not dressed enough for grade - 0% for the day
    ddeg   Didn't dress enough for grade - 0% for the day
    famu   Failed to make up lesson - 0%
    Please feel free to e-mail us if you see an abbreviation or other notation that you do not understand at: