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    Sightwords.com is a comprehensive sequence of teaching activities, techniques, and materials for one of the building blocks of early child literacy. This collection of resources is designed to help teachers, parents, and caregivers teach a child how to read. We combine the latest literacy research with decades of teaching experience to bring you the best methods of instruction to make teaching easier, more effective, and more fun. 
     jim trelease
    Since writing his million-copy bestseller, The Read-Aloud Handbook, in 1982, Jim Trelease has traveled to all 50 states and abroad, advocating the benefits of reading aloud to children.
    In doing so, he's won the applause of both teachers and parents for his pleas in behalf of literacy efforts that contain less "pain" and more focus on turning books into friends, not enemies. 
    The Lexile Framework for Reading. Matching Readers with Texts.
     Tricky Words  Improve your child's reading by having them practice reading, spelling, and typing "Tricky Words". NOT just for First Graders!
    Intervention Central offers free tools and resources to help school staff and parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and youth. The site was created by Jim Wright, a school psychologist and school administrator from Central New York.
    Visit to check out newly posted academic and behavioral intervention strategies, download publications on effective teaching practices, and use tools that streamline classroom assessment and intervention.
    Education.com is the fastest growing site in its class and the go-to destination for involved parents. From kindergarten readiness through college prep, Education.com gives parents the information they need and the ideas they want to help their kids reach their full potential and make learnin
    g fun.
    Create a Learning Environment That is Engaging, Fun, and Challenging With These Teaching Resources
    frylist  Dr. Fry's 1000 Instant Words
    Here are the Dolch word lists, the 220 most common words and 95 additional nouns in children's reading books, in alphabetical order. Dolch words, or sight words, provide an excellent base for reading at an early age. They are often called sight words because some of them can't be sounded out, and need to be learned by sight.
    Note that all the Dolch words can be taught before children finish the first grade in school. Words in the second and third grade lists are more common in books for those age groups, but they do appear in books for earlier grades, just less frequently.
    factmonsterThis Homework Center from FactMonster provides homework help in all subjects, as well as study skills!  Check it out!
    into the book
    Research shows that skilled readers use a set of learning strategies that help them make meaning from text. Into the Book provides you with tools to help elementary students learn to use these strategies in reading, the arts, and across the curriculum.
    bedtime storyFun ways to read with your child.  You have a big influence on your child when you read together. Learn how to make the most of this special time.
    reading dadThe tips and tricks listed on this page are from  RIF- READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.  There are suggestions that you can use to encourage good reading habits in your child.
    bestbooks  Here is a list of one hundred books selected by the National Education Association in 1999 as great reading for children and young people. To help make these books more useful, we have added book and author links to any TeachersFirst resources and lesson ideas. For more reading ideas - including books grouped by theme and grade level - check out the hundreds of titles in our Suggested Readingsection.
    Classics at the Online Literature Library
    teacher guide The Teacher's Guide-Free worksheets, printouts, lesson plans, SMARTBoard templates, and more!
    How readable is the writing in your publication or on your website? Here's a handy tool for estimating the reading level of a book, article, or web page, based on the SMOG readability formula. This formula was first published by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin in 1969, and it has been widely used by editors and writers ever since.
    literature  This is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics.
    rdg rockets
    Reading Rockets offers a wealth of reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. Our reading resources assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping struggling readers build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.
    dictionary Dictionary.com is a multi-source dictionary search service produced by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC, a leading provider of language reference products and services on the Internet.To use the dictionary, simply type a word in the blue search box that appears at the top of every page and then click the 'Search' button. This will perform a search for the word in the several dictionaries hosted on our site (see below). If you don't know how to spell the word, just guess. You will get a list of suggestions if you are wrong.
    bookhive Storyplace
    is a web site designed for children ages birth through twelve, their parents, teachers
    or anyone interested in reading about children's books.
    The Teacher's Corner - Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans.

      libraryparentsAWESOME LIBRARY for TEACHERS organizes the Web with 35,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. 



    This site contains a list of 100 milestone documents, compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration, and drawn primarily from its nationwide holdings. The documents chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1965.