Special Instructions for Elementary School
    Student Drop-off, Arrival, & Dismissal

    As a reminder, no parents will be allowed into the building.  All parent drop-offs should happen in the parent drop off loop by the flag pole starting at 7:35 AM.  Students will enter through the end doors.  Staff will be outside greeting students as they enter. Parent pick-up may begin at 2:50 PM.  Parents are asked to stay in their cars at the parent drop off/pick-up loop.  Your child will be escorted out to your car.



    Special Instructions for Middle/High School
    Student Drop-off, Arrival, & Dismissal

    Middle and High School student drop off and pick up will take place at the gym lobby entrance.  If you are dropping a student off, please enter the parking lot on Academy Street and proceed to the gym lobby doors. After the student has been dropped off, please exit the campus at the rear driveway on Prospect Street.  Staff will be in the driveway and parking lot the first week to direct traffic. 

    Please note: Students will not be able to enter the building any earlier than 7:35 AM. If a student arrives before 7:35 AM we ask that they wait in a line wearing a mask and socially distance themselves from the person in front of them and the person behind them.  Once the doors open, students will be allowed into the building in a very controlled fashion.

    Student dismissal will begin at 2:24 PM.  If you are picking a student up, please pick up the student at the gym lobby.   Again, we ask that you enter on Academy Street and exit on Prospect Street, or park in front of the school on Academy Street.