FREE Online Subscription/App Login & Password Guide

    Website                                            Description                                    

    www.brainpopjr.com                     Multi-subject website with

    Login:        forestvillejr                      games, videos, and trivia

    Password: brainpop


    www.abcmouse.com                    Multi-subject website for

    Login: akwilos@forestville.com      primary skills

    Password: hornet


    www.ixl.com                                    Math and ELA website that

    Login:                  @forestville          adjusts to your child’s

    Password:                                         abilities and tracks progress


    www.razkids.com                            eBooks that your child can

    Teacher Login: akwilos                    listen to, read, and take a

    Click on your name                         quiz, app available


    www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com                       Our Math series online

    Login:        FCSHornet                 textbook, lesson videos,

    Password: Kwilos123                  and games


    www.engageny.org                        Our ELA Skills and Listening

    no login or password                       & Learning curriculum


    www.openebooks.net                     Free app for ebooks

    Access Code: AJRPC418QL            *government funded

    Pin:                    2122


    www.classdojo.com                        Classroom behavior +/-

    Login:                                                 tracker, app available


    Note: Some logins & passwords were left blank because an individual password is required.  Please contact the teacher for your child's information.