• Dear First Grader & Family,

          Welcome to First Grade!  I am looking forward to this opportunity to work with you and your first grader this school year.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns as the year progresses, please contact me at the school (965-2742), email (akwilos@forestville.com), or cell (560-7161).  Please do not call after 7:30 pm, as I also have children to get ready for bed.  You are welcome to text if that is more convenient. 


    DAILY FOLDER –Your child will be bringing home a yellow folder each day.  Please check this folder for important notes, class work, and/or homework assignments.  The pocket labeled ‘keep at home’ contains papers that can be kept at home.  Any papers in the ‘return to school’ pocket needs to be returned to school after completing them.  Please keep the behavior calendar in this folder.  I will use this folder as one means of communication and if you wish to do the same, please send a note in this folder.  This is also a good place to put lunch money.


    CALENDARS – There are two calendars sent home monthly from my classroom.  One will tell you about upcoming events and give a behavior score, the other you will use to track reading at home.  The reading calendar needs to be turned in at the end of each month.  During the months of October – March our class will participate in the Book It program sponsored by Pizza Hut.  If your child reads for 15 mins for 20 days out of the month, he or she will receive a free personal pan pizza certificate.


    HOMEWORK – There are 3 different types of homework given regularly in first grade, ELA (English Language Arts), math, and spelling (starts later in the fall).  Each night students should be reading at home.  All assignments must be turned in by the Friday of the week the homework is assigned, unless there is an absence, in order to get full credit. 


    RULES –           

    I can raise my hand to talk

    I can use my inside voice

    I can keep my hands and feet to myself

    I can have a sharpened pencil

    I can be positive

    I can try my best because any job worth doing, is worth doing well


    BEHAVIOR – Your child’s behavior will be communicated to you through a behavior calendar that needs to stay in your child’s yellow communication folder.  At the end of each month, keep the calendar in the folder.  You will get all of the calendars at the end of the year.  Bullying is not tolerated in our school.  Please see the school handbook for further information.


    FIELD TRIPS – First Grade will take 2 field trips to SUNY Fredonia to see on stage performances and a trip to the Erie Zoo(tentatively).  The college performances do not require chaperones outside of school, but the zoo will.  Information will come home in May regarding the trip and the chaperones needed.


    PARENT VOLUNTEERS Parents are welcome to join our classroom as volunteers throughout the year.  I encourage you to help out at the following events/activities: math centers, reading aloud to the class, holiday parties, special crafts, and Parent Connection events.


    SNACK – Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack during the school day.  Due to food allergies, I have each child bring in their own snack each day.  A healthy snack can be fruit, crackers, pretzels, etc.  Avoid unhealthy snacks like chips, candy bars, pixie sticks, suckers, soda, etc.  If you would like your child to have a snack in the afternoon, please send a snack with them.


    BIRTHDAYS – To avoid hurt feelings, please do not send birthday invitations to school to pass out unless everyone is invited.  If you would like to send something in to school for your child’s birthday, please contact me prior so we can plan accordingly.  Due to food allergies, please avoid items containing any nuts (peanuts, tree nuts, almonds, walnuts, etc.) and products with red dye #40.


    BOOK ORDERS – We will send home a book order if you wish to purchase books.  There will be return date written on the front of the order.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic Book Clubs.


          Thank you in advance for all of your help! 


                                                                                                                            Mrs. Allison Kwilos

                                                                                                                            (sounds like ‘Quillis’)