• Our Upcoming Parties!  (UPDATED, 12/20/18)
    Sign-up sheets were available during our Open House in October.
    Thanks for all your support in making our celebrations the best they can be! The children truly look forward to these special days! 
    Halloween (October 31): wear your costume to school!
    1/2 Gallon of Apple Cider-  Evan & Anthony 
    9 Small Baby Oranges-Natalie & Ryan
    Strawberries-Greyson & Colton
    Seedless Grapes-Warren & Olivia 
    Cups-Haley & Lucas
    50th Day of School-November 16th (wear your 50s attire to school) 
    Christmas (December 21)
    1/2 Gallon of Grape Juice- Natalie & Warren 
    Sugar Cookie Cut Outs (not decorated)- Jase & Ryan 
    Red Frosting- Lucas 
    Green Frosting-Colton 
    Sprinkles Anthony & Savanna
    Cups -Greyson & Randy 
    100th Day of School- Tentative Date February 13th (more information to follow) 
    Valentine's Day (February 14)
    Easter (April 18)
    1/2 Gallon of Grape Juice-Olivia & Lucas 
    Cheese Sticks- Evan & Savanna/Haley 
    Baby Carrots- Greyson & Jayden 
    Cups-Randy & Anthony 
    Mother's Day Tea (May 10),1:30-2:30
    Donuts with Dads (June 14), 1:30-2:30
    Moving Up Day (June 20), 9am.