• Snow Day

    By Shaela Bock, Hannah Johnson, and Alice Vigue

     Snowflake = Magical!       Bob = Make peace!       Snowcone = Brrr! 

       One day Snowflake, the horse, was building a snowman.  “It will be perfect!” She said. “His name will be Bob!”

    Just then Snowcone, the penguin, came by. “What’s up?” He asked.

    “I’m building a snowman!” Snowflake said. “His name will be Bob!”

    “You’re crazy!” Snowcone retorted then walked away. Snowcone went to buy a snow

    cone.  His favorite flavor was mint. Then he ran back to Snowflake and threw it at her.

          “Hey!” Snowflake shouted. The mint snow cone had landed in her face! “That was mean! How dare you!” 

          Snowcone turned around and ran as fast as he could. He scurried onto the ice. As he planned, Snowflake galloped onto the ice and slipped into a snow bank! 

    Suddenly Bob, Snowflake’s snowman, appeared.   “You’re alive!” Snowflake said. 

              “Yeah,” said Bob, “Stop fighting with Snowcone. I came alive to tell you that. You should be kind to one another.”       So, they stopped fighting and became friends.

    Snowman With Us

    By Natalia Lorenzo & Allison VanVlack

    Snowman = Cool dude!           Room = I’m sweating!

              One day Jenna, Ally, and Natalia were building a snowman. The snowman was melting, and the girls were sad. So, they took him to the art room, but he would melt there. It was too hot.  

              Next they went to the gym, and it was very hot. They had to get out of there. 

    Then they went to the music room, but people were there. It was also way too hot for the snowman

    After that, they went to the library, and people were reading. So, they had to go.   Then they went to the nurse’s office, but the freezer was full, and the room was too hot.

              At this point, they were sad again because they could not find a place to put him. The girls saw the lunch room and they ran quickly to it because it was there last hope! Then they put him in the freezer and ran away screaming, “YAY!” 

    The lunch ladies said, “We need more milk.” So, they opened the freezer and saw…the snowman. He begged them to stay there and they finally said, “Yes, we have enough room!”

              The girls were so happy. They visited him there each day.


    The Hungry Bunny

    By Gabriele Smith, Joey Yeager & Lillian VanArsdale

    Bunny = hop, hop       Carrot = crunchy        Snowman = snowballs

    Once a little bunny was hopping through the woods. He was very hungry, and he could not find any food because it was winter. 

    Then he saw two children building a snowman. The snowman had a carrot as a nose. The children went inside for hot chocolate because they where cold.  So, the bunny took the carrot and ate it.            

    Soon the children went back outside to finish the snowman. They realized there was no nose on the snowman. They looked everywhere to see if the carrot had fallen into the snow.                      

    The bunny was happy and started to dig a hole. He found a toy airplane. Inside the airplane was a rubber carrot. The bunny started to think about how the children felt because he ate their carrot

    So, the bunny hopped to the snowman and put the rubber carrot on him. When the bunny started to leave, the children saw him and took him inside. They named him Lighting and fed him lots of carrots.


    The Magical Snowman


    By GraceAnn Rebmann, Makayla Press, and Zinnia Szoszorek


    Elf = Ho, ho, ho!              Zink = Ha, ha!

    One day an elf built a snowman that came to life. The snowman’s name was Zink.

    The next day, Zink hid in a tree to play a trick on the elf.  When the elf went outside, he was confused. He didn’t know where Zink went. The elf called out, “Zink, where are you?”

    When the elf was under the tree, Zink threw a snowball at him. After the elf got hit, he looked up and saw Zink. Then the elf said, “Fine, let’s have a snowball fight.”

    The elf knocked off Zink’s nose when he threw a snowball. 

    Then the elf won victory, and Zink went home. Zink never played a trick on anybody ever again.


    Winter Fun!

    by Cole Szumigala, Jacob Skeels, and Nathan Merrill

    Santa = Ho, ho, ho!              Presents = Excellent!           Hot chocolate = Ow hot!

    One day in winter when it was almost time for Santa to come, there was lots of snow falling. So, we waited for the snow to settle, and went sledding down a huge hill. We got picked up at the bottom by four-wheelers and snowmobiles. They took us home to wait for our presents.                                        

    When we got in the house, we drank hot chocolate and told stories by the fire place. Soon we went to bed. 

    Santa came that night. We woke up to lots of presents and joy!

    After we opened all of our presents, we made hot chocolate in our new hot chocolate maker from Santa. 

    We were grateful to Santa for all of our presents. Because of this, we leave out hot chocolate and cookies for Santa every year!