After-School Enrichment Program
    Create Claymation Videos
    Miss Raichel’s 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade after-school Enrichment students had a wonderful opportunity this quarter. They created animation videos using a program called "Claymation Studio" (Screenshot Below). Mr. Murphy helped the students to get started by introducing them to the software. He also showed the group how to add music in the end. The students worked in groups to create storyboards to map out the presentation. Then they created the characters and backgrounds. Finally it was time to animate! Please click on each group’s project to see their final work.
    Group 1
    Group 1 - Caroline, Brooke, and Madison
    "Eyes, Moustache, and Ears"
    Group 2

    Group 2 - Hannah, Peyton, and Cecelia
    "Angry Birds"

    Group 3
    Group 3 - Lewis, Macadam, and Luke
    "Bad Day"
    Group 4

    Group 4 - Rhianna, Emily, and Rachael
    "PB&J Gets Wet"

    Group 5
    Group 5 - Brandy, Alyssa, and Owen
    "Street Dancer"
    Group 6
      Group 6 - Sam, Jake, Jim, and Nate
      "Alien Demo Crash"
     Group 7
       Group 7 - Jacob, Cole, and Deven
       "Watching Driving and Flying"
    Here's a screenshot of what the program looks like to work with.
    Claymation Studio