• The School Resource Officer Program


    The primary mission of the School Resource Officer is three-fold; formal instruction and presentation, informal consultation pertaining to law enforcement and safety issues, and law enforcement.

    The SRO is not intended to serve as a "security officer" in the school, nor is he there to enforce disciplinary policies. The ultimate responsibility is to carry out his duties as a Silver Creek Police Officer as expressed and interpreted through the Silver Creek Police Department chain of command.

    Meet our School Resource Officer (SRO)

    The Forestville Central School Resource Officer program places Officer Lazarczyk of the Village of Silver Creek Police Department in the district two days a week during the school year. 


    SRO LazarczykOfficer Rob Lazarczyk, of the Silver Creek Police Department, is the School Resource Officer assigned to the Forestville Central School District.  Officer Lazarczyk grew up in Silver Creek and graduated from Silver Creek High School in 1999.  He has been in Law Enforcement since June of 2005, and has been the School Resource Officer at Forestville Central School since January 6th, 2009.  Officer Lazarczyk also is the School Resource Officer at Silver Creek Central School, and is a State of New York certified School Resource Officer.


    Duties of the School Resource Officer

    1. To ensure the safety for the students, faculty and staff at Forestville Central School.

    2. To counsel students in special situations, such as students suspected of engaging in criminal misconduct, when requested by a school administrator or parents of the student.

    3. To enforce criminal laws on the Local, State, and Federal levels, and to assist school officials with the enforcement of Policies and Regulations regarding student conduct.

    4. To investigate criminal activity on or around school property.

    5. To answer questions that students may have concerning criminal and juvenile law.

    6. To assist other officer's with outside investigations concerning students.

    7. To provide security at special school events or functions.