• Cafeteria Charging Reminder

    Students and parents are encouraged to either “pay-as-you-go” or prepay for student meals in Forestville CSD cafeterias. To prepay for meals for your child, simply write a check for the amount you would like to pay, then deliver or mail the prepayment to the school to the attention of the Cafeteria Manager, Karen Giardina. You may make online payments at www.MySchoolBucks.com  where you may also track your students account activity and set up low balance reminder emails. The link may be found on the school website, www.Forestville.com

    An application for the Free or Reduced Meal Program may be filled out at any time during the school year. Once a child is receiving free or reduced meals, they will remain on the program the entire school year.

    Occasionally a student will need to charge a meal at school, and the following administrative procedure will apply.
    Only charges for full meals, whether breakfast or lunch, as determined by the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast Program requirements will be allowed.

    After 5 meals charged you will receive a reminder phone call from Cafeteria Manager Karen Giardina.
    After your child charges 10 meals, you will receive a letter from the Cafeteria Manager.
    After 15 meals charged you will receive a phone call from the building Principal.
    After 20 meals charged you will receive a letter from the Superintendent of Schools, Renee Garrett.

    Students will not be permitted to charge ala carte items such as cookies, ice cream, etc.