• Regents Physics

    Class Intro/Chapter 1: The Science of Physics
    Lecture Notes
    Notes included with worksheets
    Class Worksheets
    Intro to conversions and Dimensional Analysis #1 [pdf]
    Converions with Unit Ratios [word]
    Dimensional Analysis Lecture Worksheet [pdf]
    Dimensional Analysis worksheet I [word]    Wksht #2 [pdf]
    Book Practice [A] Activity p. 15   #1 - 5
    Significant Figures Worksheet [pdf]
    Dimensional Analysis with Equations Worksheet [pdf]
    Chapter 1 pretest [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments
    1) Read Sections 1.1 and 1.2
    2) Finish DA Lecture Worksheet #2
    3) Book Practice [A] Activity p. 15 #1-5
    4) Read Section 1.3
    5) Chapter Review Assignment [p. 27 - 30: #2(a,b), 5(a-f), 11(a-d), 13,
                15, 16 (a-f) and 27]
    Labs and Related Links
    Intro Lab - The Paper Tower [pdf]
    Physics Skills Lab #1 Physics and Measurement [pdf]
    Chapter 2: Motion in One Dimension
    Lecture Notes
    Motion 1-D Lecture Notes [pdf]
    Class Worksheets
    2.1 Average Speed lecture worksheet [pdf]
    2.1 Average and Inst. Velocity and Displacement wksht [pdf]
    2.2 Intro to Motion w/Acceleration Problem A lecture wksht [pdf]  Problem B HW wksht [word]
    2.2 Displacement and Final Velocity w/Acceleration [pdf]
    2.2 Pair-Share Horizontal Motion Activity [pdf]
    2.3 Freefall Motion wksht [pdf
         Amusement Park lecture notes [PowerPoint] video clips [1] [2] [3]
    2.3 Freefall Pair-Share Activity [pdf]
    Chapter Review
    Chapter Review Assignment/prep for Test: Textbook p. 68 - 70 [#7, 12, 13 (a-e), 17, 26(a-e), 20, 23, 30]
    Test Prep: Multiple Choice Problems [word] Free response Problems [word]
    Pretest: [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    2.1 Displacement and Velocity     
       Read Chapter 2.1 (p. 40-46)
       Complete p. 44 Practice A #1-4 (Average Velocity and Displacement)
       Complete Average and Inst. Velocity and Displacement wksht
    2.2 Acceleration
       Average Acceleration: Read Section p.48-51 and p. 49 Practice B [#1,2,4]
          Finish 2.2 Intro to Motion w/Acceleration Problem A lecture wksht
    Displacement with Constant Acceleration: Read p.52-53 and p. 53 [#1-4]
       Velocity and Displacement with Constant Acceleration: Read p.54-55 and p. 55 [#1-4]
       Final Velocity after Displacement: Read p. 56-58 and p. 58 [#1-6]
    Horizontal Motion HW Worksheet [word]
       Makeup assignment p.69-70 [#16,18,19,21,23,24]
    2.3 Freefall Motion
       Freefall: Read Section 2.3 [p.60-64] and p. 64 [#1-3]
    Graphical Analysis of Motion (motion graphs)
       Motion Detector Lab - see below
       Motion Graph Summary Review wksht/HW [pdf]
       Motion Graph HW #1[pdf] #2[pdf] #3[pdf]
       2.1 Analysis of d/t Motion Graph wksht [pdf] d/t and v/t Cart lesson [pdf]
       Graphical Analysis of Motion wksht [1] [2]
    Labs and Related Links
    Motion Detector Lab #[pdf]
    Velocity and Acceleration Outside Lab [pdf]
    Design an Experiment to Deterime the acceleration due to Gravity Lab [pdf]
    Tape Timer Lab [pdf]   prelab [pdf]
    Roller Coaster video [WMF]
    Motion Graph Website Activity [link]
    Motion Puzzles [pdf]
    Moving Man Lab Activity [link] [word document
    Chapter 3: Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors
    Lecture Notes
    Vectors Lecture Notes [pdf]
       Graphical Lecture handout [pdf]
    Projectile Motion Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Class Worksheets
    Graphical Vector Addition worksheet [pdf]
    Parallelogram Method of Vector Addition [pdf]
    Algebraic Vector Resolution [pdf]
    Relative Velocity worksheet [pdf] - if time permits
    Vector Summary/pre-quiz [pdf]
    Horizontally Launched Projectile Intro wksht/pair-share activity [pdf]
    Wile E. Coyote Problem [pdf]
    HPM Concept Activity [pdf]
    HPM Prequiz [pdf]
    Intro to Projectiles Launched at an angle worksheet [pdf]
    Golf Activity [pdf]  Website [click]
    Projectile Motion at an angle worksheet #1 [pdf]
    Projectile Motion at an angle worksheet #2 [pdf]
    Projectile Motion (angle launched) pre-quiz [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA) 
    1) Intro/Graphical Addition:
           Read Section 3.1 (p. 81-85); p. 85 #1 and Finish Graphical Addition wksht
    2)  Algebraic Vector Resolution
           Read section 3.2 (p. 86-89); p. 89 #1-3
           Readr section 3.2 (p. 90-92); p. 92 #1-3
    3)  Vector Unti Textbook Review p. 108 - 109 #1, 8(graph), 21, 24, 25
               Vector Quiz Extra credit for 10% p. 111 #53
    3)  Relative Motion
           Read p. 102 - 105; finish Relative Velocity worksheet (if time permits)
    4)  Projectile Motion
           HPM: Read Section 3.3 (p. 95-99) and Wile E. Coyote Problem [pdf]
           HPM p. 101 (bottom question #3) and p. 109 #27-30
           Angle: Worksheet #1
           Angle: Worksheet #2
           Projectile Motion pre-quiz Review: p. 109 - 110 #31, 34     
    Labs and Related Links
    Force Board Lab [pdf]
    Horizontal Projectile Motion Lab [word]
    Build a Launcher Lab [pdf]  grading chart [pdf]  Distance Markers [pdf]
    Phet Projectile Motion Animations and Lab [web
    Chapter 4: Forces and The Laws of Motion
    Lecture Notes
    Forces Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Class Worksheets
    4.1 Freebody Diagram worksheet [pdf]
    4.2 Intro to Net Force worksheet [pdf]  
          2D Forces Lecture handout [pdf]  Net Force worksheet [pdf]  
    4.3 Newton's 2nd Law Lecture handout [pdf]  class wksht [pdf]
    4.4 Intro to Friction Lecture handout [pdf]
           Friction and the Net Force worksheet #1 [pdf]
           Friction and Net Force Worksheet #2 [pdf]
           Exploring the Coefficient of Friction worksheet [pdf]
           Dynamics and Mechanics Combined [pdf]
    Forces Unit Summary/Prequiz [pdf]
    Quiz Review - extra problems [pdf]
    Ranking Tasks [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    4.1) Read p. 119-124 and complete p. 124 #1-5
    4.2) Read p. 125-129/Finish intro to Net Force worksheet
    4.3) Read p. 130-134 and complete p. 132 #1-4 and p. 134 #2,3
    4.4) Friction and Net Force worksheet #1
           Make-up assignment p. 139 #1,2,3
    4.4) Friction and Net Force Worksheet #2
    Chapter Review Assignment p. 145 #11, 12, 32, 35, 43, 45,
    Labs and Related Links
    Investigating Newton's Laws in the Classroom Web Activity [pdf]
    Kinetic Friction lab [pdf]
    Static Friction Lab [pdf]
    Weight Lab [pdf]
    Forces Video [WMF]
     Phet Forces Activity [JAVA] Phet Lab Activity [Click] Handout [word]


    Chapter 5: Work and Energy
    Lecture Notes 
    Work and Energy Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]  [pdf]
    Chapter 5 Concept Map of Activities [word]
    **Springs and Pendulum investigated in Chapter 11**
    Class Worksheets
    5.1 Introduction to Work Lecture Worksheet [pdf]
    5.4 Work and Power Worksheet [pdf]
    5.2 Energy
       Intro to Potential and Kinetic Energy lecture worksheet [pdf]
       Work and Energy Relationship Lecture handout [pdf]
       Conservation of Energy Roller Coaster Lecture handout [pdf]
       Mechanics and Energy Combo wksht [pdf]
       Energy Puzzlers [pdf]
    Chapter 5 Unit Summary/Pre-Quiz   [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    5.1 Work:
       Read Section 5.1 and do probs p. 162 #1,2,3 and p. 163 #1,5
    5.2 - 5.3 Energy:
       Red Section 5.2 - 5.3
       Finish Intro to Potential and Kinetic Energy wksht
       Finish Work and Energy worksheet
       Conservation of energy HW [pdf]
    Labs and Related Links
    Exploring Work and Energy Lab [pdf]
    Stairs Lab [pdf]
    Work Lab [pdf]
    Work and Power Video [Media Player]
    Roller Coaster Animation [click]
    Terrorist on a motorcycle lesson [PowerPoint]
    The Speedboat lesson [PowerPoint]
    Roller Coaster Project [pdf]
    Project Grading Rubrik [pdf]
    Roller Coaster Law of Conservation of Energy Lab [pdf]
    Pasco Energy Lab [pdf]
    Roller Coaster Interactive Activity [Link]
    Roller Coaster Web Lab [pdf]
    Roller Coaster and Energy Lecture Clip [Link]
    Cedar Point Roller Coaster Clip [video]
    Energy Transformations in a Pendulum [link]
    Energy Transformations PhET [link]
    Energy Transformations of a roller coaster [link]
    Stopping Distance of a Hot Wheels car (w/friction) [link]



    Chapter 6: Momentum and Collisions
    Lecture Notes Momentum Lecture Notes [pdf]
    Class Worksheets and Labs
    6.1 Impulse and Momentum
       Momentum Intro problems [pdf]
       Impulse Intro Worksheet [pdf]
       Impulse Puzzlers (II) [pdf]
       Impulse and Momentum Regents problems [pdf]
    6.2 Conservation of Momentum
        Conservation of Momentum Demo; Calculation Program [excel]
        Conservation of Momentum Lecture worksheet [pdf]
    6.3 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
        Collisions Lecture worksheet [pdf]
        Collision Puzzlers Worksheet [pdf]
    Chapter 6 Practice Test [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments
    6.1 Momentum and Impulse
        Read Section 6.1 (Momentum); Probs p.199 #1-3
        Read Section 6.1 (Impulse); Finish Impulse Intro Lecture wksht 
    6.2 Conservation of Momentum
        Read Section 6.2 (Conservation); Finish Conservation lecture worksheet
        Extra problem p. 209 #1 - 4
    6.3 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
        Read 6.3 (Collisions); Finish Collisions Lecture worksheet
        Problems p. 214 #1,2 and p. 219 #2,3
        Make-up assignment p. 214 #3,5a and p. 219 #1a,4a
    Labs and Related Links
    pHet Collisions Lab Activity [link
    Impluse and Change in Momentum Pasco Lab [pdf
        Calculations verification program for lab [excel]
    Momentum and Impulse Crash Cart Lab [pdf]  postlab assessment [pdf]
    Inelastic Collision Lab [pdf]
    Elastic Collision Lab [pdf] Velocity Calc Program [Excel]
    Conservation of Momentum Tutorial by The Physics Classroom [click]   [wksht
    Conservation of Momentum Tutorial by The Physics Classroom [Click]
    Momentum Video [Media Player]
    Impulse Video [Media Player]


    Chapter 7: Circular Motion
    Lecture Notes
    Chapter 7 Lecture Note [PowerPoint]  Student Handout Version [pdf]
    Class Worksheets
    7.1 Circular Motion
         Intro Lecture Worksheet [pdf]
         Circular Motion Pair-Share Activity [pdf]
    7.2 Newton's Law of Gravitation
         Gravitation Worksheet [pdf]
    Summary Worksheet
    Optional if time permits - Banked Curves
          Nascar (Banked Curves) [pdf]
          Later Mater - The Turning Car Problem [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    7.1 Circular Motion
          Read Section 7.1 (p.233-238) / Probs p.236 #1,3 and p.238 #1,3 
          Problems p. 239 #1-6(except 3)
          Make-Up Assignment p. 236 #2,4 and p. 238 #2,4
    7.2 Gravitation
          Read Section 7.2 (p. 240-247) / probs p. 242 #1-3
          Problems p. 247 #1,2,3 (a,b only) and 4
    Chapter Review Assignment p. 263-265 #1,2,7,8,12,13,14,18
    Labs and Related Links
    Circular Motion Intro Video [link]
    Circular Motion Intro Lab [link] and handout [word]
    Circular Motion Lab [pdf
    Circular Motion Web Lab [Link] Handout [Word
    pHet Laby Bug Animation [click]


    Chapter 11: Vibrations and Waves - The Simple Pendulum and Springs
    Lecture Notes
    Pendulum Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Springs Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Class Worksheets
    Pendulum Pair-Share Class Activity [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    Read Section 11.1 Simple Harmonic Motion
    Read Section 11.2 Measuring Simple Harmonic Motion
    Springs HW #1 [pdf]
    Springs HW #2 [pdf]
    ** There will be a short Quiz on Springs and the Simple Pendulum 
    Labs and Related Links
    Spring Toy Lab [pdf]
    1-Second Pendulum Intro lab [pdf]
    Simple Pendulum and Gravity Lab [pdf]
    Pendulum Graphing Lab [pdf]
    Conservation of Energy Online Pendulum Demo [Click]
    Hook's Law Lab [pdf]
    Springs Interactive Online Activity [pdf] [link]


    Chapter 11: Vibrations and Waves
    Lecture Notes
    Chapter 11.3-11.4 Student-Copy Lecture Notes [pdf]
    Class Worksheets
    Drawing Transverse Waves Worksheet [pdf]  Demo Handout [pdf]
    Standing Waves Worksheet [pdf]
    11.3 Regents Problems Worksheet [pdf]
    11.4 Regents Problems worksheet pdf]
    Waves Extra Worksheet [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    HW #1: 11.3 Regents Worksheet
    HW #2: 11.4 Regents Worksheet
    HW #3: p.401 #11-16 and 18
    ** There will be a Unit Test on Chapters 11 - 15** 
    Labs and Related Links
    Traveling Wave Lab [pdf]
    Standing Wave Lab [pdf]
    Waves Video [Media Player]   Worksheet [pdf]
    Constructive Interference Demo [click]
    Destructive Interference [click]
    Standing Waves [click]
    Creation of a Standing Wave [click]
    Reflection of a Wave demo [click]
    pHet Wave on a string animation [click]


    Chapter 12: Sound
    Lecture Notes
    Chapter 12 Student-Copy Lecture Notes [color pdf] [B&W pdf]
    **We will maily focus on sections 12.1-12.2**
    Class Worksheets
    Sound Worksheet #1 [pdf]
    Sound Worksheet #2 [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    HW #1: Read 12.1 - 12.2
    HW #2: Finish worksheets
    ** There will be a Unit Test on Chapters 11 - 15** 
    Labs and Related Links
    Intro to Sound using Tuning Forks Lab [pdf]
    Determining the Speed of Sound Lab [pdf]
    Sound Video (23 min) [Media Player]
    Doppler Effect Demo [click]
    Beat Frequency Demo [click]
    Phases Demos [1] [2]


    Chapter 13/14/15: Light, Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction
    Lecture Notes
    Chapter 13 Light and Reflection Lecture Notes [PowerPoint
       Lecture handout w/ practice problems [pdf]  Phases lesson [pdf]
    Chapter 14 Refraction Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]  Lecture handout [pdf]
    Chapter 15 Interference and Diffraction Lecture Notes
    Class Worksheets
    Fun intro to EMS worksheet [pdf]
    Light and EMS Worksheet [pdf]  EMS Worksheet #2 [pdf]
    Refraction and Diffraction Worksheet [pdf]
    Chapters 11-15 Pre-Test/Summary
    ** There will be a Unit Test on Chapters 11 - 15** 
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    HW #1: Complete Light and EMS worksheet
    HW #2: EMS worksheet #2
    HW #3: Complete Snells Law and Diffraction wksht
    Labs and Related Links
    Snell's Law Lab [pdf]
    Interference Patterns Demo [click]
    Light Video [WMF]
    Diffraction Animations [click
    Phet Refraction Animation [click]
    Phet Sound Wave animation [click]


    Chapter 16 Electric Forces and Fields
    Lecture Notes
    Chapter Outline [word]
    Electric Charge and Force [pdf
        Lecture handout [pdf]        Lecture Demo Activity [pdf]
      Student version of notes [pdf]
    Electric Fields    [pdf]    Drawing Fields Lines handout [word]
    Electric Fields Lecture handout [pdf]   
    Class Worksheets
    Electric Charge and Force lecture worksheet [word
         3 warm-up probs [PowerPoint]
    Electric Force and Charge Post First Lecture Demo [pdf]
    Electric Force and Charge Quick Review #1 [word]
    Electric Force and Charge Quick Review #2 [pdf]
    Drawing Electric Field lines worksheet [pdf]
    C16 Must KNow Problems [word]
    Electric Field Activity [word]
    Electric Field Activity Post Lab Worksheet [word]
    Electrostatics Word Search [pdf]
    Chapter 16 Jeopardy [PowerPoint] - not available on site  
    Chapter Summary/Pre-test [pdf]  
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    See Chapter Outline
    Labs and Animations
    Electrostatics Video [WMF]    intro [pdf]
    Static Electricity Lab[word]
    Lightning - an animation on possibly why it occurs [click]
    Electrostatics Website lab [pdf]  link to website [click]
    Coulomb's Law Lab [click]
    Graphing Coulomb's Law Activity [pdf]
    Graphing Electric Field Strength Activity [pdf]
    Electroscope Demos
    Electric Field Mapping  [click]
    Electric Field Strength [click]
    Equipotential Lines [click]
    Charged Parallel Plates [click]
    Chapter 17 and 18: Electric Current Resistance and Voltage and Circuits
    Lecture Notes
    Intro to Electricity and Ohm's Law Notes [PowerPoint
           Student Notes [pdf
    Series Circuits Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]  Student Notes [pdf]
    Parallel Circuits Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Comparing Series and Parallel Circuits [PowerPoint]
    Electrical Power, Energy and Kirchoffs
    Junction Rules Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]    Student Notes [pdf]
    Class Worksheets
    Intro to Electricity and Ohm's Law worksheet [pdf]
    (3) Problems on Drawing Circuits, Ohm's Law and Resistivity HW [pdf]
    Series Circuits Worksheet [pdf]
    Series Circuit HW Problem #1  [pdf]
    Series Circuit HW Problem #2 [pdf]
    Parallel Circuits Intro Worksheet [pdf]
    Parallel Circuits Worksheet [pdf]
    Parallel Circuits HW #2 Problem [pdf]
    Comparing Circuits Worksheet [pdf]
    Electrical Power, Energy and Kirchoff's Rules Worksheet [pdf]
    Unit Pre-Quiz [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    HW #1: Finish Intro/Ohm's Law worksheet
    HW #2: Finish Series Circuits Lecture worksheet
    HW #3: Series Circuit Problem
    HW #4  Parallel Circuits Intro problem
    HW #5: Parallel Circuits worksheet       
    Labs and Related Links
    Intro to Resistors and Using a Multimeter mini-lab [pdf]
    Ohm's law Lab [pdf]
    Series Circuits Lab [pdf]
    Parallel Circuits lab [pdf]
    Variable Resistors in Series Circuits lab [pdf]
    Ohm's Law Video [WMF]


    Chapter 19: Magnetism
    Lecture Notes
    Magnetism Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Class Worksheets
    Magnetism Worksheet [pdf]
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    Labs and Related Links
    Magnetism Lab [pdf]
    Electromagnetic Induction [Click]  Devices [Click]
    Lorentz Force [Click]
    DC Motor Animation [Click]



    Chapter 20: Electromagnetic Induction
    Lecture Notes
    Lecture Notes
    Class Worksheets
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    Labs and Related Links



    Chapter 21 and 22: Atomic and Subatomic Physics
    Lecture Notes
    Unit Planner [pdf]
    Duality and Models of the Atom Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Quantum Theory Part I Lecture Notes [PowerPoint]
    Quantum Theory part II Lecture Notes [PowerPoint
           Student Handout [pdf]
    Standard Model and Collisions Lecture Notes [pdf]
    Class Worksheets
    Duality and Models of the Atom worksheet [pdf]
    Mass and Energy Relationship worksheet (Part I wksht) [pdf]
    Photon energy and deBroglie wavelength
       worksheet (Part II wksht)  [pdf]
    Standard Model and Collisions worksheet [pdf]
    Unit Jeopardy review - reserved for class use
    HW Assignments
    Reading Assignments (RA)
    HW #1: Finish Duality and Models of the atom worksheet
    HW #2: Finish Mass and Energy relationship worksheet
    Labs and Related Links
    Modern Physics Website Activity [pdf]
    Bill Nye Theory of relativity video.14min [WMF]
    Bill Nye Subatomic Physics video.14 min [WMF]
    The Particle Adventure Website  [click]
    Photoelectric Effect Animation [Click