Chromebooks at FCS


    Currently at FCS all students in grades 4-12 are assigned their own Chromebooks.  In the next couple months, all students in every grade, including Pre-k, will have their own.  The Chromebooks are a great instructional tool to use with virtually every class.  Assignments, e-textbooks, and plenty of learning activies are used on them daily, and if needed, can be used for virtual learning at home using Zoom.

    Having these Chromebooks is a privilege we don't take lightly.  Each unit with case costs about $350 - $400.  The students are given use and care guidelines at the beginning of the year when they are handed out.   A link is located below with the instructions that are given to students.

    One of the biggest issues we have is with students not having the Chromebooks charged, and/or a lost charger.  Just like coming to class with no notebook or pens, a dead Chromebook is useless.  We strongly encourage them to come up with a routine done nightly where they are put on charge before going to bed, and then put in their backpack to bring to school in the morning.  The other issue is lost chargers and/or the stylus.  Every student received a charger and stylus when they were given their Chromebooks initially.  When they are turned in at the end of the year, we note those that did not turn in a charger or stylus.  In the past we had given out extra chargers, but our budgets cannot afford to do that any longer.  Therefore, we will now put the responsibilty of replacing a lost charger and/or stylus onto the student's family.  You may purchase one from Amazon using the link below, or pick one up at any electronics store, making sure it is at least 45 watts and has a USB-C plug.  This is a very popular charger now and most stores will carry them,  I have posted a link below for the Amazon unit I recommend.  The stylus is special made for the Chromebook, and a link for purchasing one is also loacted below.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to either e-mail or call me directly and I will help you out.  Learning with devices in schools is the norm now, and they can give the students huge benefits that previously were not available.

    Thank you for your support and cooperation!

    Wesley Wright
    Director of Technology and Communications
    Ph (716) 965-6565


    Chromebook Care and Use and Do's & Don'ts Sheet

    PowerPoint Presentation

    Replacement Charger Link (Amazon)

    Replacement Stylus Link (Lenovo)