• The New York State curriculum for Global History is changing. This year is a transition year. Global 9 will be working through our new skills heavy and text based curriculum this year. Both Global 9 and Global 10 will follow the new curriculum beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. 
    A few of the changes:
    • Students will study fewer historical civilizations, time periods, and cultures.
    • Of the topics students do study, they will study them more in depth than previously.
    • Global 9 students will take the New Common Core Social Studies Regents Exam at the end of 10th grade.
    • The new Regents exam will only have content from 10th grade but will also cover some of the themes from 9th grade.
    • There is a huge emphasis on reading and text analysis in the new curriculum and the new exam, make sure your student practices reading academic works at least 20 minutes per day.
    • There is a huge emphasis on vocabulary in the new curriculum and the new exam. Reading is the best way for your student to improve their working vocabulary.
    Global 9
    Unit 1: Methods of Global History
    Unit 2: Ancient Civilizations
    Unit 3: World Belief Systems
    Unit 4: Classical Civilizations
    Unit 5: Empires I
    Unit 6: Middle Ages
    Unit 7: Renaissance and Reformation
    Unit 8: Empires II
    Unit 9: Age of Exploration
    Unit 10: Absolutism
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    Review Sheets!
    Review Sheets are added as we prepare for our unit exams.
    Review Videos!