2013 Cover Design Unit                  [Unit Handout]

    Tuesday 4/17 Day 1:

    Go to the website http://www.wix.com/yearbookguru/2009

    Here you will find yearbook covers from 2007 – 2011.  There are a number of great designs and themes to help us determine our theme and design elements we would like to use for our cover.


    Goals for Today:

    1)    Provide (1) theme idea and write it in the space below.  Use the examples listed on the wix website. 

    2)    Write (5-6) ideas of how this theme can be incorporated in the cover and how it can be carried throughout the book.  Include specific examples so we can form a conception of how this would create flow and theme in the book. 

    3)    Copy and paste the web address next to your idea so we can examine them as a club and make a theme decision.

    4)    Email this form [Day 1] back to Mr. O’Leary by the end of the period.  I will incorporate all the ideas into one unit for everyone to view and make a decision regarding our theme.


    Wednesday 4/18 Day 2:

    Theme Analysis Day and voting for choice of Theme.  

    Goals for Today

       1) Review each of the ideas shown below and choose (2) that you believe would be the best to use in the 2013 Yearbook Design.
       2) Go to the http://www.wix.com/yearbookguru/2009 website and choose (3) cover ideas.  Email Mr. O'Leary these kinks by the end of the period.
       2) Email Mr. O'Leary the # of your choice before the end of the period.
      Theme:  Theme Implementation:
     Our Time to Shine
    Hornet Colors, with swirls, black background with title in black and gold
    Make the page background shiny
    Stepping Forward or Taking a Step Foward would be a good theme idea for each time we try to accomplish a task we take a step forward and discover new things about who we ourselves are and what we want to become. School is what helps us understand our interests and dislikes and by taking this step we are moving forward with what we are to become as a human in the future.


    Other Theme ideas

    ·        All Things Said and Done

    ·        Journey Along the Road

    ·        Every Moment Counts

    1. We can show people learning and taking an advancement in their life to what they are to become for future jobs and business they may want to take over.


    2. Show students and people having fun, discovering true talents.


    3. Making new or better friends would improve social skills, and that’s them taking a step forward because you will always need social skills.


    4. We move on with our life as time goes by and take a step forward.


    5. By taking a step forward in sports you accomplish more as a school.


    6. By helping people you help the world and move forward in life.


    - Caught in the moment

    1. Crowd cheering

    2. Friends hanging out

    3. Caught in the moment of singing/dancing/acting (musical, notes and nibbles, etc)

    4. sports player caught in the moment for sports pages


    Defining moments

    1.special events

    Website:Theme:Theme Implementation:

    Good as gold.

    Our school colors are gold and we can see how we are a nice school..haha

    1.we can get people wearing gold.   

    2.we can do whatever we want J


    go in depth of the school

    1. have up close images from around the school and community

    2.kids focused on school work and sports

    3.people having fun at events


    A glance back

    1more younger years for like divider pages 

    2one picture of a senior as the past on the corner of pages

    3.get people looking over the shoulders on some pages


    Through the eyes of a hornet”

    Just show the events through the eyes of the students. YOLO

    1. The cover looks nasty.

    2. You can definitely get the right pictures for the topic.

    3. YOLO

    4. The topic is broad enough to get good event topics.

    Website:Theme:Theme Implementation:
    9)Center of Attention

    Thursday 4/19Day 3:

    Working the Theme and Cover Design into our School Yearbook

    Goals for Today:
       1) Use the cover template you are provided to sketch out your version of the cover based on our theme and cover choice.  We do not want to copy our choice of cover, but rather incorporate it into our idea according to our theme.  Include text (theme name, school name, etc..) and color (use color pencils).
       2) Turn this in by the end of the period
    Possible Choice:
    Theme: Good as Gold

    Friday 4/20 Day 4:

    Finalizing the Cover

    Goals for Today:
       1) Incorporate the various cover sketches into one combined sketch.  Here we will get together as a group and decide which elements should be combined into the final cover. 
       2) This is a group effort and by the end of the period we should have a final cover (in progress).

    Monday 4/23 Day 5:

    Finishing touches on the Cover and Theme

    Goal for Today:
      We should have a final cover that is colored, reviewed to make sure we included all the necessary design elements and ready for the artistic rendering.  We should also have pictures, text and everything ready for the trip.   

    Tuesday 4/24 – Final Cover Review and prep for field trip

    Wednesday 4/25 – Yearbook Field Trip