• 20 Ways I Can Help My Child Be Successful in Life


    1. Write a letter to Grandma or Grandpa.


    1. Ask and expect to see your child’s homework regularly, and feel free to sign it!  Let your child know that “just good enough” isn’t “good enough”.


    1. Start a family collection- seeds, beach glass, pretty stones, old keys, etc, and sort them into categories.  Then re-sort them.


    1. Have your child write a persuasive letter to you when they want something special, justifying why they should have it.


    1. Together, fill out an order form for flower bulbs or Christmas presents or magazines…and include shipping, handling, and tax.  Talk about “why tax?”


    1. Ask your child to tell you something he or she learned today.


    1. Read a newspaper article together, and discuss it.  Challenge your child to think about something controversial in the news.


    1. Together as a family, model excellence in everything you do.  (“Is it your best work?”  “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”)


    1. Discuss world and local events at the dinner table.  Stay current with the news around us.


    1. Have your child write the grocery shopping list and estimate the cost, then figure out the difference when the shopping is done.


    1. Plant seeds together and measure the plants as they grow.  Plant a tree together!


    1. Cook together, and help your child do the measuring.


    1. Practice speaking (asking and answering) in complete sentences.  It’s not as easy as you may think.


    1. Ask your child their opinions about current events, and have them back-up their opinions with reasons. 
      Then, try to come up with reasons on the other side of the argument!

    1. Make a graph of M&M colors in a bag- a line graph, bar graph, pictograph, and a circle graph. 
      Wonder about why there are more dark brown than any other color!

    1. Go to the library together and check out books every time.  Model reading at home.


    1. Read something together every day.  Subscribe to National Geographic Kids, or Sports Illustrated for Kids.


    1. Adopt an Olympic sport and follow it faithfully through the Olympics.


    1. Have your child count change back, and figure out change when you buy something.


    1. Make goals for your family and write them down.  Be ambitious, and post it on the refrigerator.  Research shows that goals are more likely attained if written down.  And, it’s fun to check them off when done.  Help your child be a goal-setter!
    21.  Teach manners.  Politeness and courtesy matters.
    22.  Praise honesty.