• Reading and English Syllabus
    Grading:  Tests, writing process assignments, homework and classwork will be used to determine a student's grade. 
    Homework:  Homework is assigned as necessary.  Homework may take the form of reading, writing, research, grammar practice,or projects.   Reading homework is designed to prepare students for the next class.  Therefore most reading homework will be checked daily and late homework will receive no credit.
    Help Sessions:  I am generally available every day after school to provide guidance and extra help for all students.
    Teacher/ Parent Connection:  Students will keep a list of assignments in their agenda.  Parents are encouraged to check the homework planner to ensure their child is completing homework assignments.  Please note that you may reach teachers most efficiently by emailing questions and concerns directly to the teacher.  my school email is jbuehler@forestville.com
    Absences:  It is the student's responsibility to request make up work for an absence.  This is best done first thing in the morning before going to class.   The student must complete and return homework the following school day.