•                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I'm pleased to be teaching third grade again this year, following 16 years in fourth grade, two years in first grade, and eight years in third.  Here is just a little about me:
    I was a pediatric nurse for 10 years (at Children's Hospital of Buffalo and Brooks Hospital in Dunkirk) before becoming a teacher, so I'm very good at band-aids, sore throats, and tummy aches.  After ten years in nursing, I found myself wanting to teach children (rather than start IVs on them!) , so I returned to college to earn another degree.
    I am married, and have two children, Andrew (34 years old), who works in project management in Buffalo, and Emily (30 years old), a psychologist/mountain climber.  I also have three step-daughters, Lisa, 29, a recently graduated student with a master's degree in counseling, Kelly, 27, a manager at BJ's, and Tricia, 24, an accounting major at Niagara, currently pursuing her master's degree.  Our family was very fortunate to have a French exchange student, Sylvain, live with our family during the 1996-1997 school year.  That relationship has continued, and we attended his wedding eight summers ago in France- what a wonderful experience!  Sylvain is very special to our family;  he and his wife Hannah have three little girls, Esther,  Madeleine, and Constance.  This officially makes me a grand-mum! 
    The house has become pretty empty and quiet, as the kids have grown up and made their own nests, so we adopted Shults and Dooley, two golden retrievers.  Shultsie, a girl, is eight and a half years old, and Dooley, a boy, just turned 10 years old.
    I love to travel- I've been to Greece and Turkey, England, Scotland, France, Germany, and Mexico.  I also had the incredible opportunity to live for a summer in Iran.  We made a trip to Alaska a few summers ago, where I was able to go dog-sledding on a glacier.  A few summers ago we traveled to Wyoming where we went whitewater rafting, adventured in Yellowstone, and had several up-close experiences with herds of bison.  Ask me about riding a mule down the Grand Canyon.  VERY awesome.  Last summer saw a trip to San Diego (where I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream- we went to the San Diego Zoo!  Beautiful!)  and San Francisco.  We also visited my Iranian host sister and her husband- lots of fun!  This past summer, we traveled to Ireland- what a beautiful country!  My most favorite place of all to go on vacation, though, is the Atlantic Ocean- Maine and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  There's just something about the waves...   I enjoying gardening, playing the piano, and reading, when I'm not doing school work or planning for my class! 
    P.S. I love grocery shopping and am a touch OCD- I'm sharing my fill-in-the-blanks grocery list with you!  Tops Grocery List
    AND, if you're looking for ways to help your child be successful in school:  20 ways I Can Help My Child be Successful in Life
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