• Forestville Middle/High School Students Shed Hair for a Good Cause
       On April 13th and 14th, middle and high school students participated in the Bald for Bucks/Locks of Love Challenge. On the evening of April 13th, the Invention Room was transformed into a place of charity and generosity by the stylists and students. Eleven students donated between six and ten inches of hair to benefit the Locks of Love Foundation, which uses donations of hair to create wigs for children that have lost their own hair because of illness. The following students participated: Samantha Klein, Mackenzie VanZile, Elizabeth Gilman, Ryanne Dugan, Jessica Makuch, Sydney Youngberg, Kendra Silleman, Kendra Catalano, Meg Phillips, Emily Markham and Cherish Pope.
       The following morning, the school hallways were filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. Beginning at 8:30am in the auditorium, the Bald for Bucks Challenge took place. Sixteen students sought donations to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Center, to shave their heads. Once again the Invention Room graciously volunteered their time to provide the head shaving. With a grand total of $4847.63 raised between the sixteen students, the student body was excited and moved; Mr.LeBaron even volunteered his head to be shaved if students and faculty could collect money on the spot. Mr. LeBaron’s challenge was easily met and he was soon bald. The amount the students raised was quite an amazing feat. Three students (Alyssa Kordon, Jade Ferneza and Michaela Worosz) each raised just over $700.00 each in their fundraising efforts. The following students fundraised to participate and are responsible for our impressive grand total: Eric Anders, Jacob Harvey, Josh Maggio, Brandon VanZile, Dylan Genthner, Alyssa Kordon, Jade Ferneza, Robert Hooper, Dillon Miller, Ryan Harvey, Ian Gizowski, Adam Voigt, Jeff Knoop, Michaela Worosz, Mike Franklin and Spenser Johnson. The students spent the remainder of the day showing everyone that “bald is beautiful” is a very true statement. The Bald for Bucks/Locks of Love Challenge is set to become an annual event in the middle/high school building, so start growing that hair!