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  • Hello Advanced Chemistry Students!

    Unfortunately we will not be in school for the remainder of the academic year. I know is your senior year and I'm sorry to see it end this way. But this is what must be done to keep safe and look towards the future. The CLEP exam is probably not going to happen at this point, but I will keep you informed as I learn new information. The AP exam has been cancelled. You should have received the CLEP Chemistry review books. We will be working out of those and adhering to the district policy as of 3/17. It is summarized below.

    - You will be provided reinforcement work, there will be no new concepts introduced.

    - Answer keys are provided for each assignment. (They are included in the review books)

    - There will be no new grades entered and I will expect nothing back from you.

    Please check my Advanced Chemistry website for videos, extra review and other curriculum related materials. Please email me if you have any questions related to our class. As always be safe and take care of yourselves. 


    - Mr. O'Leary


    3/30/2020 Weeks 3 and 4 Assignment [word]

    5/1/2020 Weeks 5 and 6 Dates 5/11-5/22 [word]

    5/19/2020 Weeks 7 and 8 Dates 5/25 - 6/5 [word]

    6/2/2020 Weeks 9 and 10 Dates 6/8 - 6/18 

    - Please take some time and explore the experiments listed below. If you would like additional material, you can complete a Diagnostic Test in the review book or google AP or CLEP exam questions. 

    Labs: Listed below are some labs that we would have normally performed in this course. Unfortunately, due to our current closure, we were not able to complete the experiments. I highly recommend researching these experiments using the internet (youtube for example) and watch the experimental process and calculations.

    - Gas Stoichiometry Lab

    - Titration (strong acid and strong base), (weak acid and strong base), (strong acid and weak base), (diprotic acid and monohydroxy base)

    - Making a buffer and how buffered solutions react to acid or bases added to the system

    - Sodium acetate-Acetic Acid Buffer Lab

    - Vapor Pressure Depression

    - Boiling Point Elevation

    - Catalyzed Reaction (Hydrogen Peroxide)

    - Clock Reaction

    - Equilibrium Lab Iron Thiocyanate

    - pH Lab

    - pH of Salts Lab

    - Common Ion Effect

    - Synthesis of a Ester