• #1 - Set Up a Homework Area

    To do homework successfully,  your child must have a place in which to work.  The study area should be well-lit, quiet, and have all of the necessary supplies.


    #2 - Create a Homework Survival Kit

    Having all of the supplies in one place is essential for stress-free homework.  This will prevent your child from being distracted by the need to go searching for supplies.

    Items that you can include in a Homework Survival Kit are pencils,  pencil sharpener,  erasers, scissors, glue, crayons, paper, etc.


    #3 - Schedule a Daily Homework Time

    Children always respond well to routine.  You can help your child to develop good homework habits by encouraging him or her to start homework at the same time each day.  Some children like to do their homework as soon as they get home from school. Others need a break before beginning the work.  Determine what works best for your child and then be consistent about the daily homework time.


    Remember that every child is different.  Please contact me about any difficulties your child is having during homework time. Homework should not take an extensive amount of time, so if your child is struggling with an assignment and becoming stressed, please stop working and write me a note at the top of the assignment. I would be happy to go over it with your child the following day.

    (shared from Mrs. Kilmer's site)