• Monday, September, 24, 2018

    Today, I had an opportunity to speak with all students in grades 7, 8, and 9 about proper computer usage. When students are issued school-purchased devices or when students are allowed to access the Internet (using their own devices) for retrieving email, text messages or searching for something of interest, they are expected to follow a few simple guidelines. Basically, they are asked to provide proper care for the hardware issued to them, to keep their passwords and sensitive information confidential, and while using the Internet, use it for academic purposes.

    Today, Forestville installed GoGuardian software on our servers. GoGuardian is an education-focused software that offers Chromebook management and web filtering services to schools. It allows schools to filter, monitor, and manage student devices. These services enable schools to monitor student activity online, filter potentially harmful or distracting content, and recover lost or stolen devices.

    After my brief presentation, students asked a variety of questions. Some of the questions were built around their curiosity of whether or not the school can access their private text messages. The simple answer to that question is, no. We do not have any interest in the private conversations our students are having; we just want to ensure that they are safe while using the Internet.

    If you have any questions, please contact my office.