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    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 9/1/2019


    Homework is a great opportunity to reinforce the skills learned in school and is due the following day unless otherwise stated. Each day your child will write their assignments in their agenda. Please check their agenda daily and initial it.

    Weekly Homework:

    • RED (Read Every Day): Please have your child read at home at least 20 minutes every day.Your child will read one story from their CKLA Reader and a Weekly Fluency Word/Sentence list or a Passage that I assign. With any remaining time, they are encouraged to read any book that interests them. 
      • CKLA READERS: The stories from their readers reinforce sounds/spellings, vocabulary, and tricky words we are working on in school. In addition, rereading these stories will expand your child's fluency, comprehension, and accuracy skills. Sometimes they will be assigned one story for the week and othertimes they will have choices. 
      • FLUENCY WORD/SENTENCE LIST OR PASSAGE: Reading the same words/sentences or passage each day will build your child's fluency and accuracy skills. In turn, they will become better, more confident, independent readers.
      • READING A BOOK FOR PLEASURE is motivating, allows them to utilize skills & strategies they've learned in a natural way, and expands their mind. They can meet people, learn things, travel places beyond home and school. Research shows that children who leisure read have higher test scores in cognitive and social competencies, math, reading, problem solving, and simply communicate better. 

        GOAL: The goal is to read their CKLA story, fluency assignment, and a book for pleasure every day for at least 20 minutes. Due Mondays.
    • Spelling:Your child will receive their spelling assignment on Fridays and it will be due the following Thursday. Your child will:


      1. Write sentences for each word. Please number each sentence, underline the spelling word, and skip spaces between sentences.

      2. Write each word three times. Please number each set of words and skip spaces in between.

      3. Take a practice spelling test. You will give him or her a practice spelling test on Wednesdays (preferably) so you can identify any words he/she needs further support to spell before the test on Thursday.


      Your child is to place the assignment sheet on top of their completed homework and staple all sheets together before handing it in on Thursday.

      Please remember to sign the sheet.


    Other homework as assigned (please check your child's agenda)


    Thank you for initialing your child's agenda daily.

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