• snack

    Water Bottles: All children are welcome to bring a water bottle filled with only water to school. Plastic and metal bottles are acceptable (no glass bottles please). All water bottles will go home daily so they may be washed and fresh for the following school day.

    Snacks: Everyday the children will be provided time to re-energize by enjoying a little snack. This is such an important part of our day and really makes a difference in the children's ability to focus! Each child will bring their own snack daily. You are welcome to send all five on Monday or feel free to pack it in their backpack each day. We also appreciate extra snacks for those that may forget theirs. Thank you! 

    Snack Ideas:





    Cheese Sticks

    Chex Mix



    Dried Fruit

    Dry Cereal (Cheerios, Grapenuts, etc.)

    Garden Veggie Straws


    Graham Crackers

    Granola or Granola Bars


    Pretzels (low sodium)


    Rice Cakes

    Tortilla Chips (low sodium)

    ***Nutritious snacks are important. Gummy snacks, fruit roll-ups, and candy are not filling or nutritious and I ask that they not be provided as a snack option. Thank you for understanding.