Monthly Guest Readers--Time 2:00pm
    Sign-up sheets will be available during our Open House in October. Families will have an opportunity to volunteer to read a story to our Second Graders. You are welcome to bring a book to read, choose one from our class library, or you may continue reading the chapter book we are reading in class. All family members are welcome to volunteer including grandparents or other relatives. 
    Only those with a volunteer form approved prior to the chosen date will be able to visit our classroom. Please complete and submit the form ASAP. Let me know if you need one sent home.
    Guest readers will be listed below by the end of October. Thank you!
    November 8: Ms. Moore (Maddox)
    December 13:  Mrs. Moore (Grace)
    January 10: Mr. Pryll (Kellan)
    February 7: 
    March 13:  Mrs. Hebner (Brystol)
    April 9: 
    May 15: 
    June 12: Ms. Wilson (Shealyn)