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Book Tasting Event held in the FCS HS Literature Cafe

Great "Taste" in Literature 

   Ninth graders in Mrs. Tonelli’s English classes recently participated in a “book tasting” event held in the high school library.  School librarian, Mrs. Leichner, helped to transform the library into a “restaurant” for readers and diners alike.  Students were able to spend time “tasting” both literally and figuratively.  A sampling of genres (fantasy, popular fiction, banned books, series and mysteries) gave students a wide-variety to satisfy their hunger for reading, while snacking on cookies (from our cafeteria) to fill their bellies.  As part of the English 9 curriculum, students are expected to read outside of class (they may choose their books) to continue to foster reading growth.  Each student is expected to complete a minimum of one independent reading book per marking period.  However, many students go far beyond those expectations and read as many as ten or more books in a quarter.  
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