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FCS Science Department News

Earth Science Day Field Trip 2016

            Members of the Forestville Science Club visited the Penn – Dixie Site on Oct. 8, 2016 for Earth Science Day. Participating students collected Devonian age (350 – 370 million year old) fossils, observed a rock core drilling demonstration, and participated in interactive displays by 30 different colleges, organizations, and businesses illustrating careers in fields of Earth Science, Meteorology, and Environmental Science. Students will create a personal fossil collection by cleaning, identifying, and preserving their fossils during after school meetings.

 penn 1    penn 2
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Randolph Fish Hatchery Field Trip

            Students in the Fish and Wildlife and Environmental Science classes attended a field trip on September 29 to the NYS DEC Fish Hatchery in Randolph, New York. Students participated in spawning rainbow trout thereby experiencing some of the actual duties performed by fisheries biologists and technicians. Students were encouraged to ask questions relating to hatchery operations, fish stocking, and careers with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

            Prior to the trip students were required to complete species accounts and descriptions of the trout raised at the Randolph Hatchery and write a research paper on the importance of fish hatcheries in New York State.

Fish Hatch 1     Fish Hatch 2
 Fish Hatch group