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FCS 3rd Grade Making a Difference

                 Our pine cone birdfeeder project was a huge success! First, I’d like to thank the parents and a grandma who came and helped last Wednesday when we made the bulk of the birdfeeders:  Moxie’s mom, Katie’s and Maddie’s mom and their grandma, Brad’s dad, Katie L’s mom, and a retired teacher-friend of mine, Kerry Askin.  The children learned about assembly lines, and we had three very organized and efficient lines!  The kids were great!  We ran out of peanut butter and bird seed that day, and after a quick trip to WalMart, we finished the next day.

                Then the selling and order fulfillment:  the children opened envelopes, checked the orders against the money enclosed, bagged the requested items, knotted the bags, and attached the order forms and a small thank you card, from us!  You’d have been proud to see them in action- I certainly was.  Orders came in fast and furious on Monday, and a little slower on Tuesday- good thing, because we SOLD OUT!  We were able to fill all of the orders, but due to running out of medium and large cones, we substituted several small ones for the larger sizes, and trust that everyone will be satisfied with our project for a good cause.

                Then we counted the money.  After I took out $24 I spent on peanut butter and birdseed (that’s the first purchase- the second one, I lost the receipt for!), we have $212.  Mr. Press had told me that $100 should cover the cost of the wood, and he’s not charging us for his time.  SO, the children and I brainstormed and we figured the best use would be having a second Little Free Library built for Forestville.  WOW!  Moxie’s dad is also a carpenter and builder, and he has graciously agreed to build us another one.  SO COOL!  These kids, the two dads who are building, and the family members who helped us make the birdfeeders are making a huge difference for Forestville, and I want to thank you all.  There are great values and learning being instilled in these children.

                Our two Little Free Libraries will be finished by the end of the school year (about the time the ground will be thawed, to “install” them).  In the meantime, we’re on to more projects and learning.  I did put some photos of “peanut buttering and bird seeding the pine cones” on my Photos page on the website.  Enjoy!

- Mrs. Faxlanger
FCS 3rd Grade Teacher