• Global 10 Projects
    September 13, 2013
    We have just finished our first Global 10 movie! For this project we created video resumes for four important Scientific Revolution scientists. All three classes created great representations of these individuals and their contributions. Students are becoming more comfortable using the Flip Cam and will begin taking on more production and editing responsibilities. Enjoy the following video resumes. Who would you hire??
    Global 10 recently watched an "Epic Rap Battle of History" video and worked with a partner (or two) to compete in their own rap battle! The battles were between Napoleon Bonaparte and King Louis XVI of France and were to contain historically accurate facts relating to the French Revolution and it's aftermath.  The following are a few examples of the creative verses they wrote in their
    Louis XIV- "Yo Napoleon, you smell like a dead fish out of water
                   You lived on an island like a hobo squatter"
    Napoleon- "Louis, you lived in a palace while your people were crying
                   You're such a bad king you should consider dying"
    Louis XIV-  "Hey dork, how'd winter feel in Russia fool?!
                   When the snow's on your toes I betcha feeling the cool"
    Napoleon- "Don't even go there, you prissy mama's boy
                   Your country be messin with you like a kid's toy"
    Napoleon- "It's Napoleon on the track, King Louis you're whack
                   I ruled you and schooled your people"
    Louis XIV-  "You're just a European scrapper, I'm a straight up rapper
                   So just sit down and cry to your mama"
    Napoleon- "Yeah I am small, who wants to be tall?"
                   You're mad I have the people on my side
                   You practically committed suicide
                   Your head went bye bye
                   You and your family were meant to die"
    Louis XIV- "Hey Napoleon, you're such a little faker
                   You sold the Louisiana Territory for $0.03 an acre"
    Napoleon-  "Louis XVI, you don't know what to do
                  You inherited your power, from some guy you barely knew"
    Louis XIV-  "Oh yeah Napoleon, you might have a big empire
                   While your troops were dying cold, the Russians beat you with fire"
    Napoleon- "You live at Versailles, while your country is poor
                   Don't you realize that death is at your door?"
    Louis XIV- "You limited the freedom of speech because
                   You were scared your people would talk bad about you"
    Napoleon- "I improved education and made everyone pay taxes
                   You buried yourself in the ground, I did better than you"
    Louis XIV-  "You forced men to join the army
                   Because you have no friends"
    Napoleon- "I did that to help the country
                   you all live in"
    Louis XIV- "Well guess what
                    You failed that and your life"
    Napoleon- "I increased the size of the French Empire
                    I didn't fail by much"
    Louis XIV-  "The only thing you increased was the death
                   in the population and the French army"
    Napoleon- "Shut it, stop picking on me
                   Just because I'm 5'2" doesn't mean I can't run an army"
    Louis XIV- "You used the military to run the country
                   You're too much of a baby to rule it yourself"
    Napoleon- "You coward, you dressed like a baker
                   And called in other power to help you"
    Louis XIV-  "You're 5'2". You're too short to rule
                   Go back to your island"
    Napoleon- "You could never be a good king, everyone hates you
                   You're not scary, even peasants have the nerve to overthrow you"
    Louis XIV- "You went to Russia expecting to win
                   But the cold bit, chewed, and spit you out"
    Napoleon- "I've got the military skills to be King,
                   All you've got are dollar bills which helped you with absolutely nothing"
    Louis XIV-  "Nobody liked you either,
                   They sent you to an island to die"
    Napoleon- "You never really worked, you acted like a bad guy
                    Now it's time for you to lay down for the peasants and die!"
    October 2013
    Industrial Revolution Movie Trailer
    These movie trailers are from the perspective of one of the following groups during the Industrial Revolution:
    1) Factory Workers
    2) Child Laborers
    3) Factory Owners