Russian Revolution Review
Totalitarian Leaders
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Websites on WWI Trench Warfare (first three will be used for chart):

Father Miguel Hidalgo (Mexico) - : Scroll down

Father Jose Morelos (Mexico) : Scroll down

Toussaint L’Ouverture (Haiti) : This is a wiki site that I will allow because it appears well researched and includes references.

Jose de San Martin (South America) -

Simon Bolivar (South America)

Imperialism Resources online

Imperialism (facts about imperialism) (countries involved) (Primary Source Documents) (in Africa)) (map and sources) (Imperialism in Africa)


Belgium (Rwanda) (Congo, Rwanda)


French (Algeria) (Algeria) (Cambodia) (Algeria, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Dahomey)


 British (colonies thorough out Africa) (colonies thorough out Africa) (Kenya) - (Nigeria) ( click on the colony on the map that you wish to research) an introduction and links on the right side of the page for more information

South Africa  Great site - click on the links to the right




Portuguese (settlers in Angola) (Expansion in Angola)