The following are power points that we will use in class to review and learn about proper grammar usage. 
Articles (a, an,the)                     [Power Point]
A Capital Idea                           [ Power Point
Adjectives and Adverbs             [Power Point]
Apostrophes                               [Power Point]
Commonly Used Commas          [Power Point]
Parts of Speech                          [Power Point
Interjections Song                      [Link]       
Sentence Clarity&Combining    [Power Point]
Sentences                                   [Power Point]
Subject/Predicate Song              [Link]
Subject/Verb Agreement            [Power Point]
Me, myself and I                         [Power Point]
Pronoun Usage                            [Power Point]
Writing Numerals                        [Power Point]
Double Negative                         [Power Point
Irregular Verbs                            [Power Point]
Quotations                                   [Power Point]
Writing Paragraphs                      [Power Point