• Senator James H. Donovan Award

    Donovan Award
    The Valentine and Weaver Families were honored recently with the Senator James H. Donovan Award. The awards and plaque were presented at the annual Forestville Elementary Award’s Assembly.
    It is because their families’ love of reading and commitment to the PARP Program, teacher recommendation, and their essays entitled, “What Reading Means to Our Family”, that the PARP committee has selected them this year. Their names will be engraved on a plaque with the many former PARP reading families of the past & will be proudly displayed in the elementary school lobby.
    Senator Donovan was the founder of the Parents As Reading Partners Program in 1978. The Senator died in 1990, however, Forestville Elementary’s PARP Program continues as a reminder of his extraordinary love for students, educators, & reading.
    Group PhotoThe Forestville Middle/High School has a unique program in which the Morning Announcements are broadcast to the classrooms by a team of volunteer students who come in early to produce the show using high-tech equipment to generate a professional looking program. (Click here for more on that) Those members of the Morning Announcements team recently traveled to Buffalo to tour the facilities of WGRZ-TV, with advisors Mr. Murphy and Mr. O’Leary, to see how the pros do it. Our wonderful tour guide Colleen showed the students the different departments of their station, starting with the Sales Department. They learned about how the Nielsen ratings affected the cost of the ads. They were then able to see how the trafficking department was responsible for taking the sales orders and getting the commercials scheduled for airing. The next area we visited was the tape library where taped syndicated shows, commercials and other productions are stored on the many shelves. The video editing suites were down the hall, along with a small room where audio recordings are made for “voice-overs”. Then the students were led into the Master Control Room where all programming from the station is controlled. It looked like NASA’s Mission Control with all of the technology lit up in the darkened room. From there we went into the sub-control room which is where the local productions including the newscasts are controlled. It too was an amazing sight with the switch panels, controls, computers, and dozens of monitors lined up on the wall. It was 10 minutes before the noon newscast was to start, and the place was buzzing with activity. The morning technical director took the time to explain to the students what was happening and answered their questions. And then with just a few minutes to go before airtime, the group was spilt into two groups with one group staying in the control room, and the other getting to go into the news studio to watch it live. It was truly amazing to see all that went into producing the newscast. We were a little star-struck as the on-air personalities passed by us, including Pete Gallivan, Janet Snyder, Mike Igoe, and Weatherman Andy Parker. At the first commercial break, the two groups switched so that they could see both aspects of the production. Having watched the newscast on TV for so long and then to see it live was very exciting. After the 30-minute newscast, anchor Pete Gallivan let the students come up to the newsdesk to chat with him. He was very cordial and friendly with the students as they asked all sorts of questions. He spent a good amount of time with them, as pictures were taken by several. A few students even got to sit in the anchor chairs. Weatherman Andy Parker was kind enough to also chat with one of our students who has a special interest in that field. After all of the questions had been answered and pictures taken, it was time to leave. The tour was amazing and the people there were so nice to us. The students learned a tremendous amount about how a TV station operates. Our appreciation goes out to WGRZ-TV for spending time with our students who may someday be working for them.  They have a great website at www.wgrz.com

    Baby Chicks

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    Mrs. Dolce's class dissected pigs lungs again this year. As part of studying the respiratory system, students were given a memorable hands on experience. This experience allowed the students to see actual parts of the respiratory system that they have been studying for health. With the use of a bicycle pump, the demonstration was complete with watching how the lungs actually look when they are working. Looking at these nice pink lungs allowed the students to understand the reasons why we need to keep our lungs healthy and avoid things that can possibly damage our lungs. Mrs. Dolce's students are working on non-smoking posters that they will present in class and later hang in the halls at the high school.
    On March 3rd, 2008, the Spanish Department began the annual celebration of National Foreign Language Week. We kicked off the week by exploring German traditions and culture. Students made traditional Black Forest Cake and created ornate German Stars. We continued to honor Foreign Language Week by wearing National Foreign Language Week T-shirts and having special lunches representing France, China, England, and Sweden. The students also sampled traditional Spanish foods including: Clementine oranges, churros, and choco tacos. On the last day of Foreign Language Week, the Spanish Department hosted a foreign exchange panel in the library. Foreign Exchange students from Dunkirk, Brocton, Cassadaga, and Fredonia were invited to share their culture and language with our students. FCS experienced a cultural exchange from Brazil, Hungary, Germany, and Japan.
    On Friday, March 28th, the Forestville High School Jazz Ensemble performed along with 6 other top High School Jazz Ensembles and the University of Buffalo Blue Noise Pep band at the 6th Annual UB Spectacle of Sound held at the Cub Infinity nightclub in Williamsville. This is the 3rd consecutive year that Forestville has participated in this event. Several families joined in the audience and a great time was had by all.
    The next performance for the Jazz Ensemble is Wednesday, April 23rd at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk for the 3rd Annual Dunkirk Invitational Jazz Festival. Admission is free and the program begins at 6:00PM. Forestville plays at 7:40.
    Our friend Jim Thies made his way off from Mt. Kilimanjaro and onto the remote African village of Bulati where he delivered some much needed supplies to the school.  According to an e-mail from Jim:
    "The photos of Bulati show some of the classrooms, the supplies that were delivered, the "principal" playing with Stinger and some of the Bulati Masai village, some of the 'book signing' etc. Stinger was a big hit but it was very difficult to explain what a school mascot is. They have no real concept, but the teachers had fun playing with him.

    Conditions at the school are very poor, extremely unsanitary, crowded, minimal supplies but they are happy. It was very rewarding to be able to pass out over 500 school supply packets to each child. You and the entire FCS school should be very proud of the significant contribution you made to Bulati."

    "The kids were very excited but somewhat nervous to touch my "white skin" and the hair on my arms (they have none). It is very rare for most of them to see (or touch) a white person."

    "During a tribal ceremony I was presented with a 'key to the school' which I will give to FCS, along with my other gifts, Batiks etc. "
    Here are the photos that Jim sent with his last e-mail:

    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Africa   Africa
    Stay Tuned...
    We'll post more photos as they come in
    Forestville Alumni James Thies has made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!  Mr. Thies was part of our Make a Difference Day program this year, and was given a banner and mascot hornet to take to the top.  Click HERE to learn more about his "Journey of Inspiration".
    Jim will be making his way to a school in Africa to deliver much needed supplies for the students (found on his other web page).  More info on the trip can also be found at www.journeysofinspiration.com
    Here are the New Photos received from Mr. Thies on March 17th

    Be sure to check out the "Balati Visit" Page
    The eighth annual Notes 'n Nibbles event was held on Saturday March 1st in the HS Gymnasium. Sponsored by the Music Department, this popular fundraiser helps to defray the costs to the students for the music department's trips.  Many friends, family members, and guests came to hear our talented students and their varied acts including the HS and MS Jazz Ensembles, vocalists, instrumentalists, and much more. While the students performed, the audience was encouraged to visit the buffet filled with snacks, desserts and beverages. A chinese auction was also held with many items donated by local merchants and individuals.  This great event was started by Sarah Baumgarden and Amber Rhinehart while they were seniors 7 years ago.  A special thanks goes out to the Music Boosters who work very hard at this event and all year to raise money for the music department.  And thank you to all the parents for their support of this event as well.
    The Regents Physics students recently designed working model roller coasters to explore the Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy. They used basic construction materials and their imagination to design and build functioning coasters. Emphasis was placed on technical aspects such as number of loops and time of ride. A Theme was also required and evaluated on how much emphasis was placed on making their coaster unique from the other projects. The students then completed a lab to explore the gravitational potential and kinetic energy changes that occurred during the ride. Once again Science Teacher Mr. O'Leary was impressed by the overall effort and excitement generated by the students during the project.

    The Spanish department celebrated the holidays in authentic Hispanic style.  To prepare for Navidad, middle school students created piñatas and brought them to school to be shared.  High school students made bilingual Christmas cards, cartoons, and decorated the halls with hand made papel picado banners.  The Spanish Club also joined in the fun by making Mexican ornaments.   

    On January 4th the Spanish department celebrated the 3 Kings Day.  Students participated in the annual tradition of sharing Rosca de Reyes in class.  Rosca de Reyes is the traditional crown shaped sweet bread decorated with fruits, nuts, and candy.  Hidden inside the bread you will find a surprise.  The lucky student who finds the trinket has the honor of hosting the next celebration.
    Forestville Elementary presented checks to, clockwise from upper left, the Rev. Bruce Ellis, representing the Forestville Neighbor to Neighbor program, $1,139.80; Robin Hace of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, $500.00; James Thies, representing the Bulati School in Tanzania, $500.00; and Matt Flanigan of the American Cancer Society, $500.00.  Through a variety of projects, FCS Elementary raised $2,719.00 in six weeks.


    One of this year’s recipients, Mr. James Thies (FCS Class of 1965 and Cancer survivor), will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in March of 2008.  Mr. Thies will be bringing along a banner and stuffed Hornet on the trip.  He plans to take a picture at the summit to represent the district and the community’s connection to the project.  Follow Mr. Thies journey by checking our FCS website this Spring.


    Over the 16 year campaign, FCS Elementary has raised a total of $31,280.47 and Roswell Pediatric Cancer Unit has received $12,345.66 of that amount.  This is a great accomplishment for FCS !!!

    The HS Music Department was in the holiday mood on Friday Dec. 21st as they traveled to the Chautauqua County Home and two of the Dunkirk Resource Centers to perform a Holiday Music Concert for the residents of each facility. This annual trip is the highlight of the season for many of the students in the Chorus, Band and Jazz Ensemble as they see the delight in the faces of the audience. The Honor Society also played a big part as they brought Santa and his elves along to pass out presents and Christmas Cards to all. This is a wonderful experience for everyone involved as it brings out the true Christmas spirit in us all.
    One of our 2nd Grade Elementary students is pen pals with ex-Sabre Danny Briere.  When WGRZ-TV heard about it, they decided to come to our school to do a story which aired on their 6 PM Newscast on December 18th.  The story can be viewed at the Ch 2 website by clicking HERE
    Or you can download the video (25MB) from our server by clicking HERE
    Click HERE for the WGRZ-TV follow-up story featuring Antonio meeting Danny Briere.
    The Environmental Science students took a field trip to the DEC Fisheries Station at Point Gratiot in Dunkirk, New York on November 9th. Fisheries Biologists Jim Markham and Don Einhouse presented a state of the fisheries in Lake Erie. Students learned about careers and career opportunities from Bill Culligan and learned the process of aging fish in the laboratory. Following the program at the research station fisheries biologists demonstrated stream sampling and electro-fishing at Canadaway Creek. Before returning to school students visited the beach at Wright Park and observed evidence of several exotic species that have invaded the Great Lakes ecosystem.
    fish  fish
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    NHS Inducts Six New Members
    On November 20th, six high school students were inducted into the Belle F. Campbell Chapter of the National Honor Society.  The induction ceremony was held in the high school gymnasium where family and friends of the inductees were invited to share in this great honor.  The school’s principal, Mr. Charles Leichner, congratulated the inductees and then members of the middle/high school faculty introduced each new member to the audience (which included the entire middle/high school student body) and gave them a certificate of membership.  The new members include Megan Ferguson, Erica Herrmann, Cassandra McVaugh, Emily Schneider, Aaron Stone, and Alicia Valentine.  The current members include Aubrey Gawron, Maggie Brennan, Erin Gilman, Amilyn Scott, Tom DiPietro, Ben Einhouse, Robert Franklin, Cassidy Kingsfield, Jessica Kordon, Avis Lyons, Sam O’Connor, and Dan Ulmer. 
    NHS Inductees
    2007 - 2008 National Honor Society