• April Reading Logs are Due!!!!

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 4/30/2018
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  • It's a good day to fly a plane!

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 4/30/2018

    A child came to me this morning and asked, "would you please make me an airplane out of this paper"? Soon this one airplane turned to 3, 5, 8, 10 planes. The kiddos took them to the large rug and began excitedly tossing them around. Planes flew in circles, crashed into walls, crashed into other kids, crashed into teachers, went up to the ceiling and fell on the floor. The kids began to wonder, ask questions, and experiment. They discovered where you hold the plane determines how the plane would fly and how far it would go. One child demonstrated this discovery and the rest of the children tested the outcome. Sure enough it was true! Children began competing on whose plane would go the farthest. Two other children's planes kept coming apart when they would throw them and they bent and pressed to get their planes back together again. One little girl used the plane I made to make her own plane. One little boy decided his plane should have a rocket attached and began work on that. Planes were getting mixed up so they decided adding names, letters, or drawings would help them identify their own. This was an unplanned, amazingly interesting activity that had every child engaged, laughing, thinking, and learning! Sometimes the best learning happens on the fly!!!!

     planes1 planes2 planes3

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  • Mrs. Garrett Visits Pre-K

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 3/8/2018

    Mrs. Garrett visited the Pre-K today. She read the story Dinosaur Bones, stayed for Daily 5 and then joined the kiddos making her very own dinosaur fossil. The children were very excited to have this special visitor in our classroom and really happy to end their day with her. 
    g1 g2 g3 g4

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  • February Pictures

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 2/28/2018

    f181 f182 f183 f185 f186 f187 f188 f189 f1810 f1811 f1812 f1814 f1815 f1816 f1817 f1818 f1819 f1820 f1821 f1822 f1824 f1825 f1826 f1827 f1828 f1828 f1830 f1831 f1833 f1834 f1835 f1836 f1837 f1838 f1840 f1841 f1842 f1845 f1846 f1848 f1850

    The kiddos loved making Oobleck during our Dr. Seuss Author Study. Is it a solid or a liquid? If you would like to make it at home, here is the recipe. 
    2 cups cornstarch
    1 cup water
    --mix ingredients together. Add a few drops of food coloring. Have fun!

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  • February Targets

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 2/1/2018


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  • January Pictures

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 1/31/2018

    January was all about wintery snow and interesting penguins! We conducted many experiments and explorations. Minds were stretched and learning was rich. Enjoy our January pictures:
    j181 j182 j183 j184 j185 j186 j187 j198 j189 j1810 j1811 j1812 j1813 j1815 j1816 j1817 j1818 j1819 j1820 j1821 j1822 j1823 j1824 j1825 j1826 j1827 j1828 j1829 j1830 j1831 j1832 j1833 j1834 j1835 j1836 j1837 j1839 j1840 j1842 j1843 j1844 j1845 j1846 j1848 j1849 j1850 j1851 j1852 j1853 j1854 j1855 j1857 j1858 j1859 j1860 j1861 j1862 j1864 j1865 j1866 j1867 j1868 j1869 j1870 j1871 j1872 j1873 j1874 j1875 j1877 j1878 j1879 j1880 j1882 j1883 j1885

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  • January Targets

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 1/30/2018

    While we are learning so many things each and every day, these are our January targets.

    jan targets

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  • December Pictures

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 12/31/2017


    Enjoy Our December Pictures.

    dec171 dec172
    Our Skyler winking at you!
    dec173 Jan174 Dec175 Dec176 Dec177 Dec178 Dec179 Dec1710 Dec1711 dec1712 dec1713 dec1714 dec1715 dec1716 dec1717 dec1718 dec1719 dec1720 dec1721 dec1722 dec1723 dec1724 dec1725 dec1726 dec1727 dec1728 dec1730 dec1731 dec1729 dec1732 dec1733 dec1734 dec1735

    Making Christmas Cookies

    dec1736 dec1737 dec1738 dec1740 dec1742 dec1739 dec1741 dec1743 dec1745 dec1746 dec1747

    Making Patterns

    dec1749 dec1750 dec1751

    Polar Express Bells 

    dec1755 dec1757

    Christmas Party
    dec1760 dec1762 dec1763

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  • December Targets

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 12/30/2017

    December Targets

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  • We put on our Chef Hats!

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/18/2017

    There's not just one chef in Pre-K! No, we ALL put on our chef hats and worked together to prepare for our Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday! The kids made cornbread muffins and cranberry sauce (jello) on Friday. 

    Please enjoy the pictures :)
    muf1 muf2 muf3 muf5 muf6 muf7 muf9 muf10 muf11 muf12 muf20 muf21 muf22 muf23 muf25

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