• January Targets

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 1/30/2018

    While we are learning so many things each and every day, these are our January targets.

    jan targets

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  • December Pictures

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 12/31/2017


    Enjoy Our December Pictures.

    dec171 dec172
    Our Skyler winking at you!
    dec173 Jan174 Dec175 Dec176 Dec177 Dec178 Dec179 Dec1710 Dec1711 dec1712 dec1713 dec1714 dec1715 dec1716 dec1717 dec1718 dec1719 dec1720 dec1721 dec1722 dec1723 dec1724 dec1725 dec1726 dec1727 dec1728 dec1730 dec1731 dec1729 dec1732 dec1733 dec1734 dec1735

    Making Christmas Cookies

    dec1736 dec1737 dec1738 dec1740 dec1742 dec1739 dec1741 dec1743 dec1745 dec1746 dec1747

    Making Patterns

    dec1749 dec1750 dec1751

    Polar Express Bells 

    dec1755 dec1757

    Christmas Party
    dec1760 dec1762 dec1763

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  • December Targets

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 12/30/2017

    December Targets

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  • We put on our Chef Hats!

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/18/2017

    There's not just one chef in Pre-K! No, we ALL put on our chef hats and worked together to prepare for our Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday! The kids made cornbread muffins and cranberry sauce (jello) on Friday. 

    Please enjoy the pictures :)
    muf1 muf2 muf3 muf5 muf6 muf7 muf9 muf10 muf11 muf12 muf20 muf21 muf22 muf23 muf25

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  • Preschoolers being Preschoolers

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/18/2017

    pp1 pp2 pp3 pp4 pp5 pp6 pp7 pp8 pp9 pp10 pp11 pp12 pp13 pp14 pp15 pp16 pp17

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  • We are becoming quite the writers!!!

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/17/2017

    It is all about play and making learning fun! As we work with our hands, building strength by manipulating playdough, small connecting toys, painting, etc., we are preparing to become writers! We learn to firmly grasp writing tools and gain pencil control.  We have been working on drawing lines and shapes that will help us to write letters.  Now that we have pencil control and can identify the letters in our name, we have begun to practice writing our names. We are so proud and we hope you are too!
    wr1 wr2 wr3 wr4 wr5

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  • Our Guest Reader Mrs. Pelletter : )

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/16/2017

    Mrs. Pelletter visited us again this year and read two Thanksgiving stories. The children just love our monthly guest readers! She also made us yummy turkey cookies to enjoy after story time. Thank you Mrs. Pelletter!!! 
    pell1 pell2

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  • First Grade Readers

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/15/2017

    Each Wednesday a student from Mrs. Ruffo's First Grade class comes to our Pre-K classroom to read to our children. This is our first week and our special guest reader is Chance. This is very special to me personally as these children were from my very first Pre-K class upon being hired at Forestville. I am just beaming seeing how much they've grown! We have amazing teachers at Forestville Elementary for sure! 
    chance1 chance2

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  • Building up our Math skills

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/15/2017

    The kiddos are doing a great job sorting by color and size! They are catching on quick! Once we practice sorting by shape, the children will know all three rules for classification. Kudos Kids!
    sort1 sort2 sort3

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  • Our Halloween Party

    Posted by Dawn Thompson on 11/9/2017

    Our Halloween Party was filled with fun and activity! Because we made a healthy smoothie to serve at the party, our class is now $500 richer as we won the Healthy Alliance Contest thanks to you for allowing us to use pictures of your kiddos for the contest! (photos used only included children whose parent returned the permission slip). We also dunked for apples (using spoons in the water table), participated in a bean bag toss, and played a balance the pumpkin game.

    A few pictures from our Halloween Party. 
    ween1 ween2 ween3 ween4 ween5 ween6 ween8

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