• Welcome to Global History!

    This website will act as a resource for both parents and students. 
    The pages labeled "Global 9 Information" and "Global 10 Information" contain links to exam study guides and review videos. The pages labeled "Global 9 Work" and "Global 10 Work" contain all assignments to be downloaded and printed if needed. If absent, please feel free to print the work at home so you do not fall behind. Saying "I never got it" or "I lost it" is no longer a valid excuse.  You are expected to visit the website and print the work if you lost the assignment. This can be done in my room, the library, or the labs during study halls or during the academic help period after school.
    The pages labeled "Global 9 Projects" and "Global 10 Projects" contain shining examples of our projects that will be created throughout the year. The projects are also a great way to review!!
    Please email me with any comments/questions.
    Mrs. Elersic Henry